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Formentera Yoga Retreats

Sunday 11/11/18 at 11.11
3 Hours
Lock Studios, 66-68 De Beauvoir Crescent
London N1 5SB

The Pleasure V Pain Threshold in Yoga - in the Heart of Hoxton
with Jacqueline Lysycia UK

What's its all about:

What's better than nursing a hangover on a sunday morning?

Joining your new yoga family in the heart of Hoxton in a film studio overlooking the regency canal for a magical 3 hour journey into your body and then a Sunday lunch somewhere nearby for those wanting to hang out. Thats so much better right!

Jax invites you into a deep and ever so soft conversation with your own practice as to why perhaps your yoga practice is not the deeply delicious and powerful feeling of softness that your joints, muscles and organs literally quiver with delight and bliss in your new sense of inner radiance that the yoga people talk about.

What's the problem with pain in Yoga anyway?

Ever wondered why your yoga practice is painful, and what is the problem with that pain you are cultivating when you practice?

How do you know if upward facing dog is healing or harming your spine if you cant feel your back? You simply cannot know this in the complexity and challenge of most traditional yoga postures unless you have had the good fortune of being deeply exposed to the intelligence of ahimsa, and the liberating power of SOFTNESS.

If we are pretending to feel whilst being more concerned with the aesthetic postures and we are wondering why we are still tired, lethargic or even worse, have fallen out of love with yourself or your practice then this is the perfect workshop for you.

This will be a nurturing and deeply cleansing asana practice for all levels.

Quite possibly a LIFE CHANGING introduction for those that have not already applied themselves.

A concentrated top up for those that have and want to go DEEPER.


In the heart of HOXTON, in a shooting and film studio situated over the Regents Canal with heaps of natural light.

Lock Studios 66-68 De Beauvoir Crescent London N1 5SB

Teachers: The Problem with Pain in Yoga with Jax Lysycia (UK) -
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Price: 65 per person
Please contact to reserve.
Bring a sense of humour and an open heart.

What will I learn:
Learn the differences and issues of modern yoga versus traditional yoga postures and how to adapt between them
To deeply relax through dynamic movement and establishing structural integrity within your physical body to free up energy
Soften and release tension especially in the spine, hips and shoulders to allow a feeling of equanimity and lightness
What is ahimsa and how to find it within your practice as an expression of SOFTNESS



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