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Formentera Morocco Yoga Member Letter February 2012
by Jacqueline May Lysycia

Location: Morocco retreat.

I feel today is the day to write to you in my private and quiet moments.

Thank you for all your support in 2011 which made it our best year ever.

Each year I write to you & I continue to feel more grateful and more privileged to be part of something I understand very little about. We rely on your word of mouth, as we believe if we do a good job when you are here, you will tell your friends, and we won’t need to spend money on advertising thus keeping prices affordable for you.

We have found that escaping to the beach has proven health benefits which keep you coming back to us year after year looking & feeling more amazing than the year before.

Sleeping in your beautiful room here on Formentera, a National Park next to the ocean, waking up to do yoga and walking barefoot everyday for 5 days is super grounding. Research shows that walking barefoot on the ground on a sunny day is very healing and can prevent disease & stress which so often rids us of our good energy.

It allows you to get vitamin D from the sun and negative ions from the earth.

Being next to a big amount of water, such as the sea, also recharges you with negative ions or electrons.

This is important because it reverses the effects of electromagnetic radiation we get from things like computers and mobile phones which drain our energy resources along with our beautiful good looks.

This is why you all comment how much younger you feel & look after being here with us for 5 days.


Trip Advisor

A friend of mine Christine suggested I use Trip Advisor to check out holidays and restaurants I was thinking of using. When I checked Formentera Yoga I had tears in my eyes at the beautiful things you have all written about our passion, which is delivering the BEST yoga in the most STUNNING locations at AFFORDABLE prices.

So with GRATITUDE I salute you all.

Click here to post or read reviews made by people like you about their experiences with us and feel free to pass the link to your friends to spread the vibration of the good work we are doing.

We didn't get in the Taschen book 'GREAT YOGA RETREATS' for nothing and these reviews back us up and I am super delighted.

You asked about….

For those of you that have visited us before please note that our prices have not changed very much since we had our beautiful new chlorine free pool installed last year.
We are still focusing on affordability and when you arrive you will see the paradise you are in, with amazing service and you have no need to spend money and go anywhere else, unless you want to.
For those short on time we have added more weekends into the schedule for 2012 designed to clean your system & release your residual tension leaving you energetic, radiant and lighter for work Tuesday morning. Book early as flights and retreats get booked swiftly for weekends. If time is not an issue, enjoy the benefits of cheaper flights on the weekday retreats. See schedule here
I am teaching more again. After 2 years writing & personal study and practice I am back being apparently 'one of the best yoga teachers in the UK' as Yoga Magazine have called me. Apparently Im very good at teaching yoga according to the journalists. I wouldn't believe what they say either, but I can assure you of an open transmission of simplistic yoga teaching designed to re-calibrate your body so you feel incredible after each retreat deepening the sensitivity to your own intimate bodies thus becoming very clear, light and free. My retreats do come with a warning and you can read some things about me if you are interested in mine or another teachers retreat on the schedule here
We have minimized class sizes also to give you that intimacy on the yoga deck with the teacher and each other, and we have added more dates to spread you out more as last year demand was high, deck was full.
Non yoga partners and families can attend also and we simply knock the yoga fee off, so there is no reason to have separate holidays anymore, unless you want too, in which case come alone and enjoy your SELF.
Those of you waiting for Self Practice DVDs to keep all the good work up when you get home will be happy to hear we have new stock in. I am also filming new DVD,s this year for those who already have the whole set.
It beats travelling to a yoga class when you are short on time, and you re-inforce good practice daily into your life. To order DVDs email us here
We also have a permanent divider screen separating us from the other deck and large hot water VATS for your warm drinks in the morning so no more queuing at sunrise around the kettle. New non slip mats are awaiting your svelte and bendy bodies to adorn them.
We have a new venue in Morocco for Yoga, Surfing and a fully operational Spa that will suit more active people, or friends and partners that want to holiday together but do different things. With direct and fast flights to Marrakesh & Agadir and with 300 days of sunshine a year, this makes Morocco the perfect all year round venue for detox and juicing retreats as well as long weekends with guaranteed SUNSHINE.
See the new Morocco venue here
We are happy to announce that our resident HEALER will be doing group work & private healing sessions, supporting your Yoga practice and emotional and energetic shifts brought about by your retreat experience in 2012.
See details about her here

Our Formentera Beach House is your home from home...

Come anytime you can, hang your clothes and put your feet up & watch the world go by, just as you would if you were at home.

Our Formentera Beach Club remains to be Ibiza's No.1 National Park Yoga retreat sitting on 7kms of powdery white sand, serviced by daily low cost air flights to Ibiza then 30minute boat to one of our favourite places on the PLANET.

There are flights everyday, cheap to change and quick, unlike long haul.

Wake up with your seaview, roll out of bed for a warm infusion & some fruit before a beautiful energizing yet gentle sunrise yoga practice on our ocean front bali yoga house followed by a nutritious brunch and then RELAX knowing you have all day to do as you please, before sunset yoga practice and a delicious vegetarian evening meal specially prepared for you by our family team here.

"each day floats by leaving us feeling more supple, happy and bronzed"


Our Formentera Yoga Beach House is set on the 3rd most energetically charged zones on the planet National Park. We have repeat visitors come each year, commenting on how energetically different they feel in Formentera compared to other places in the world.

"5 days in Formentera is equivalent to a 2 week holiday anywhere else and will transcend your yoga practice on 1 year"
Conde Naste 2011

Personal note to you all

The ability to inspire each other through LOVE,
Love for thyself, and then we can LOVE and be loved by another. Its sounds a cliché, but I feel compelled to share my main mission for 2012 is to invite you all to ‘be into your body’

A friend emailed me recently and said ‘but Jax you are very much into the body with yourself and your teaching’.
I reflected upon this & realized they were totally right!

I am totally into this amazing, sophisticated & intelligent piece of kit called the human body.

How can we find our life's purpose or be truly happy if we are not into our bodies in some way shape or form. Yoga helps us to completely relax about the significance, meaning and nature of our lives. You may start your journey with giving up smoking, alcohol and try pilates & the gym, but most of us eventually will come to yoga.

How can you really be in touch with your SELF until you have become intimate with the nature of your body that you can feel the following:

How your body gets sick
How your body reaches emotional disturb
How your body responds to breathing
How your body responds to emotional healing
How your body responds to heat and cold
How your body responds to love and pain
How your body responds to night and dark
How your body responds to certain foods

This is the only body you are EVER going to have folks, and contrary to belief you cant have another one.

So what else is there to be into I asked my friend, and we came back to the body.

Be into your bodies, nourish and feed it the right air, breath, exercise, light, heat, love and energy daily and then vibrationally we attract so much good energy around us into our LIVES that we transcend lower vibrations, we are no longer stuck in our addictions or habits, we are FREE to flow through life and the abundance of wonderful possibilities that each new day presents.

Its really quite simple.

Im off to do morning practice now in our brand new ocean front glass yoga house on the beach in Morocco followed by a orange blossom oil massage in the SPA.

I hope you can come and enjoy with me one day and I found this below and adapted it especially for you to welcome you to 2012

Welcome to Flight 2012

We are prepared to take off into the New Year 2012

Please make sure your seats & positive intentions are secured and locked in the upright position for the high altitude
All self destructive devices should be turned off during the journey
All negativity, fear, hurt & discouragement should be put away in the hold
There will be no baggage in the cabin on this flight
Should we lose altitude under pressure during the flight, reach up & pull down a positive intention
Positive intentions will automatically be activated upon this journey
Once your intentions have been activated you can assist other passengers
The captain has cleared us for take off
Enjoy your flight with us

Destination – GREATNESS!

Oceans for Good vibrations to you all no matter what the time of the year.


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